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3 Top Tips For Creating Hashtags To Promote Your Business

In today’s business climate, it is crucial to have a strong presence on social media. Brands are becoming ever more savvy as to how to leverage their social media following towards growing their following and ultimately bringing in more business. As such, it is crucial to have a good understanding as to how to promote your business on social media. In this blog, we will be focusing on how correctly and appropriately employing hashtags can make the world of difference in your social media marketing efforts. We will be discussing top tips on how many hashtags you should use, what they should say and when and where is best to deploy them. If you think your business could be doing more to harness social media marketing, contact Koncept today to speak to our experienced team and discuss how we can help you make a splash on social media in 2019. For now, though, keep reading to find out whether you’re making some of the common mistakes we often see when it comes to hashtags.


Every Social Media Platform Is Different

As much as we’d like it to be, it simply is not one size fits all when it comes to the different social media platforms out there. It’s incredibly important to tailor your hashtags to the platform you’re going to be deploying them on. Take Twitter for example, where the hashtag was born. Tweets with hashtags get up to 50% more engagement, so utilising them is a must. However, even with the now doubled in size character limit, it’s important to keep the hashtags specific and minimal. 1-2 per post should do it. Instagram, however, allows up to 30 hashtags per post. The platform is almost entirely visual, so the extra hashtags are crucial so that people can find your content. However, because the platform is so visual, try to avoid cramming all of your hashtags into the description under your image. Most creators on Instagram will post their hashtags immediately after posting the image in a separate comment, ensuring the post is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The point here is to do your research. Figure out how you’re going to deploy hashtags on every platform you utilise and stick to your strategy.


Craft Your Words Carefully

Perhaps the biggest social media fail of the decade, not many people can forget when Susan Boyle’s PR team attempted to create a hashtag on Twitter to promote her new album. The hashtag should have read #SusanAlbumParty, however, remove the capitalisation and it became #susanalbumparty. If you were living under a rock at the time and can’t see the joke, just read that one over again and it should become clear as to where the failure took place! A lot of hashtags will end up being reposted without capitalisation, so it’s crucially important that you choose your words carefully. The message still needs to be gotten across clearly without grammar and punctuation because you simply cannot rely on people reposting it in the same way you did. Don’t worry, though, even if you do slip up and post something unclear, at least you didn’t invite the nation to a sexually explicit party by accident!


Include Local Hashtags

When deploying hashtags it can be tempting to keep them all focused around what you are trying to promote, be it a product, event, person or business. However, using local hashtags, for example, the name of your city or town, or perhaps the name of your county, a local event or any other local hashtags you’ve seen used, can really help to build awareness of your business or brand in the local area. Many people use social media to find the best-kept secrets in their town. Marketing on social media is free, after all, so for small businesses who cannot afford huge marketing spends, local hashtags can introduce them to an entirely new audience of potential clients and customers that otherwise would never have heard of them. For larger businesses or brands, local hashtags are key for promoting new stores or regional offers and promotions.


We hope this blog has helped you to clarify how you are going to use hashtags to help promote your business. Stay tuned for more top tip blogs in the future, and if you want to have a conversation as to how you can get the most out of your marketing, contact Koncept today.

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