Link building is an important arm of any well-oiled digital marketing strategy. To put it in simple terms, link building involves getting hyperlinks from other websites back to yours. Why is this important? As a business owner, it’s likely you’ll have a website, and it’s likely you’ve spent a lot of money on creating and maintaining it. The optimum scenario for you, therefore, is that a lot of people visit your website and engage with your products or services in order to make you money and enable you to continue to grow your business. The best way to achieve that is to do everything you can to ensure your website ranks highly for relevant keywords that potential customers will be tapping into search engines looking to find a business just like yours. Search Engine Optimisation is the arm of digital marketing that deals solely with achieving better search engine rankings and link building is a crucial tool within this practice. By seeking backlinks to your website from sources that are relevant to your business, high traffic and deemed as ‘authoritative’ by the search engine, your website will, to search engines, have more authority and be more likely to rank highly. So if you’re a seasoned marketing pro, or you’re a beginner looking to do as much as possible to get the word out there about your business, read on for our top 5 results-driven link building tips that will help you get started. And remember, if you need any help along the way, our friendly marketing experts are just a phone call away!

Look for websites already mentioning your brand

If your business is more established and well known, or if you’ve recently been in the press, whatever the reason if you find a website out there that have mentioned your business or brand, it’s crucial to get in touch and ask them to pop a quick hyperlink in there. It’s a wasted opportunity if you don’t, and while it might seem like a waste of time after a lot of great publicity to then call or email all of these people to ask for a link, in the long run, it will help your website appear much more trustworthy, so make a point to be consistent with this!

Use online tools to track your competitors

Nowadays there are a number of free online tools that budding marketers can use to help grow their businesses’ online presence. Using a backlink gap tool can help you to see which websites are linking back to your competitors. This will give you a great idea of websites you can target to ask them to include links to your website, or perhaps open up a whole range of new websites that you hadn’t thought were relevant to your business prior. Keeping an eye on this will help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure you’re keeping up with your competitors in terms of who they are working with and the kind of content they are producing.

Research guest blog post opportunities

A great way to score backlinks is to research websites that accept guest blog posts that are relevant to your business, products or services. As a business owner, your knowledge and expertise in your area is highly prized and would make great content for a website focused on your industry. If the website is popular and well trusted, a guest blog post with multiple backlinks will do wonders for your website’s SEO, as well as opening your business up to opportunities to reach wider audiences and potential new customers.

Sign up to HARO

HARO is a website for reporters where they can go to find robust, trustworthy sources for their articles. As mentioned above, business owners and their industry-specific knowledge and insights can be invaluable to a number of different organisations, and the media is no different. The website provides your business with an invaluable opportunity to receive widespread media coverage, as well as backlinks from major news organisations which are like gold dust. You won’t be giving out comments and expertise every two minutes, but if the opportunity did present itself, it could mean a massive jump in your website’s rankings.

Stick to quality rather than quantity

While it’s easy on paper to accumulate backlinks, the activity is largely pointless if they’re all from sites that are low ranking or untrustworthy themselves. As a busy business owner, it’s best to try and stick to garnering links from the best and most relevant websites that will help your website to grow in terms of rankings, traffic and relevance. So, by all means, go at your link building activities all guns blazing, but be discerning in your choices!


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