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Beginner’s Guide To Buyer Personas

If your goal is to grow your business, using Buyer Personas to inform your marketing efforts is a smart way to go about things. But what on earth is a Buyer Persona? Simply put, it’s a made-up profile that represents your ideal customer, which is arrived at by analysing market research and data from your existing customer base. As a business owner, you should know the kind of markets or people that your...

Pay Per Click 101

For the novice marketer, Pay Per Click, often abbreviated to PPC, can seem daunting and overwhelming. With so much conflicting information available with a simple Google search, navigating this strange new world can seem so difficult that many people give up before they’ve even begun. To aid anyone out there experiencing this struggle, we have compiled Pay Per Click 101: a no jargon, no-nonsense starter guide to PPC - what it is, what...

Stressed Worker

4 Tips To Relieve Stress At Work

Let’s face it - work can be tough. For most people, the working week takes up nearly half of their waking hours, and that doesn’t even include the commute. Balancing work, family and social life can often leave people feeling burned out which prevents them from relaxing and enjoying the very little downtime they have. When you have a lot on at work, and when you, like most people, really care about doing...

Google Ipad

Google’s New Look Mobile Search Results

Earlier this week, Google made a change to the way they display mobile search results. The changes are minor, but they seem to have been made in an effort to make it much clearer to the end user the source of the link. A minor change to the way search results are displayed on mobile might seem insignificant, however, for website owners and publishers this change could spell great news, helping them to...

Norwich’s Best Al Fresco Lunch Break Spots

Let me ask you to imagine something for a minute. It’s Tuesday morning. You’re at work, It’s a stunningly beautiful, blisteringly hot day outside and you’ve spent most of your morning bitter that you can’t enjoy it. While you waste away sat behind your desk, it feels like the world and his wife are outside making the most of the fantastic weather, savouring it before it’s ripped away from us once again. Sound...

Top 8 Tips For Effective Time Management

When you’re a busy business owner, or just a busy person in general, you’d likely give up a limb for a few extra hours in the day. Juggling a heavy workload, social life and family time can seem like an impossible task, but in reality you can do it all, you just need to learn effective time management. It’s amazing how quickly time can slip by, and becoming more aware of how valuable...