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Will my company’s website come up on the first page of Google results? Is our Facebook page properly engaging our target audience? Are our customer service operations resulting in resolved issues and happy customers? If you have any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Koncept Norwich provides consultancy that will thoroughly examine your company’s structure, strategy, and performance, and then recommend valuable improvements.

SEO Consultancy

Are you consistently applying best SEO practices to your company’s web content? Are you using the best tools to create search engine optimised content? Our consultancy will ensure that you have a solid SEO strategy that will maximise your brand’s online visibility. We will help determine what keywords will be most effective for your niche, how to smoothly integrate them into your online content, and much more.

Social Media Consultancy

We will vet your social media profiles, posts, and strategies to determine how well you’re engaging with your target audience. From there, we will provide consulting on marketing and branding strategies that you can implement to hone your social media presence. We’ll also give advice on potentially effective posting timelines, campaigns, and apps.

Customer Service Consultancy

Our consulting will give you a comprehensive understanding of how your company’s customer service operations are functioning and what their potential is. We analyse the level of customer satisfaction you provide and identify key issues before developing effective solutions. We provide information and training regarding various customer service software and integration packages, including VoIP (Voice over IP), ticket management systems, and live chat bots. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Management Consultancy

When we provide management consultancy, we work closely with our clients’ senior management teams in order to learn about their practices. We gain a thorough understanding of key structural, strategic, and performance successes and issues. This allows us to provide excellent recommendations for improvement, and ensure that your management is confident in their ability to be effective.

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