It’s no secret that for most big brands the holiday season means big business. Campaigns will often be planned years in advance with multi-million-pound budgets being funnelled in to make sure the spectacle created is memorable and will get people talking. That’s all great if you’re a multi-national conglomerate, but for smaller local businesses, it may seem hard to fully take advantage of the extra spending during holidays without forking out, which might not be a possibility when you’re trying to grow your business or working to a tight budget. With spooky season in full swing and Halloween right around the corner, we wanted to share some basic tips and tricks to help you take advantage of this much loved holiday to help market your business and boost sales. We believe you can get well and truly into the spirit without blowing your marketing budget, or splurging on themed stock you’ll struggle to sell once the day is over, so read on for some fun Halloween themed marketing ideas that are frightfully good!

Give your website an autumnal makeover

A great way to get into the spooky vibe without splashing out is to give your website a fresh look using warm autumnal colours such as browns, oranges and reds, or perhaps adding some autumnal images or graphics. If you’re a dab hand at design you might want to re-design your logo to give it a Halloween twist and upload it temporarily, but if that’s a bit beyond your technical ability, a new colour palette will do wonders to get into the spirit! 

Promote a Halloween themed discount code

Sales and discounts are a great way to entice customers to spend their hard-earned cash with you. However you promote your business, be it via social media, advertising in the local press, advertising on radio or tv, a memorable Halloween themed code coupled with a discount is a fun way to stick in new customer’s minds by taking advantage of the upcoming holiday. ‘Quote code ‘WITCH’ for 10% off’ is much more fun and guaranteed to be more memorable!

Run a fun Halloween event

If your business has customer-facing premises, a brilliant way to draw in crowds is to run a Halloween themed event with family-friendly crafts and games. Granted, this won’t really be one to consider unless your target market is families who will enjoy this kind of day, but don’t be disheartened if this is the case for you, different target markets will enjoy different kinds of events! Giving people a chance to come to your business, have fun and create spooky memories is a fantastic way of promoting your business and potentially drawing in new customers in the future.

Create some Halloween themed content

If you run a YouTube channel to promote your business, or perhaps your website has a blog, consider writing some seasonal content to get involved with the Halloween vibe. You can create just about anything that might appeal to your target audience, and it gives you a great opportunity to capitalise on Halloween to promote your business. Engaging with fun spooky-themed content helps people to get into the autumnal, Halloween spirit, and great content will ensure people continue to engage with your brand after the holiday is over. 

We hope you find this guide on how to get involved with using Halloween to market your business useful, we’ve tried to focus on fun low cost, last-minute ideas that will enable you to get involved in the action without too much prior planning. If you’re looking for more in-depth advice on how to plan your marketing in advance and take full advantage of marketing your brand throughout the holiday season, why not contact Koncept today? Our friendly marketing experts are always on hand to discuss how we can help you harness digital marketing to achieve your business goals. We look forward to hearing from you

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