They say content is king nowadays, so it’s not unusual to see brands and businesses creating a vast array of different kinds of content to share online to promote what they do. In the digital age, attention spans are low, so grabbing the attention of a potential client or customer online with engaging and eye-catching content has never been more important. It may seem daunting to get involved with this yourself if you’re not a tech whiz, but there are a huge array of tools and guides out there that can help you get started. In this blog, we’ve compiled a few top tips on how you can take simple steps towards using multimedia to promote your business in 2019. You don’t need to stay stuck in the analogue age anymore, and the beauty of getting stuck in is your skills will build over time, meaning the effort you put in today will pay dividends in the future!

Use your smartphone to film and edit video footage

Creating engaging video content is a really great way to get people to spend more time on your website or social media pages. And you can create whatever it is you want! From something as simple as an introduction to your business, or a staff ‘get to know you’ video all the way to more ambitious projects like a music video or a short film, it’s easier than ever nowadays to put your creative skills to good use. If you own a smartphone, you can download a whole host of apps that will let you edit video footage right from your phone, and with the high-quality cameras found on most smartphones nowadays, you don’t need to worry about not having top of the line camera equipment to achieve your vision. Shortening video clips and stitching them together, adding titles and music, all can be done so easily that even a technophobe would struggle to find it difficult! If you’ve had a great idea for a video that you think would do wonders in helping you promote your business, just dive in and give it a go. Start by Googling ‘smartphone video editor’ and see what you find!

Create infographics using your industry knowledge

If you run a blog on your website, or you have a business Instagram page, creating an infographic can be a really fun way of switching your content up. You probably know what an infographic is, but if you’re unsure, the clue’s in the name! An infographic is an image that contains information arranged in a visually pleasing way that often includes small images or icons to help illustrate the information within. A few years ago you’d struggle to make a professional-looking infographic yourself without the use of graphic design programs, but now, web applications such as Canva, Stencil and DesignBold enable everyone to have access to professional design tools that are simple, easy to use and allow you to create professional-standard content all by yourself. So what to put in an infographic? Businesses often find the most success with their content when they share the knowledge they’ve gained working in their specific field. If you run a butcher’s shop, you might want to create an infographic about different cuts of meat and how to cook them. A DIY shop might want to create a how-to guide on building a simple piece of furniture, like a shelf. The only limit is your imagination in terms of the breadth of content you can create and share!

If your target market is young, get into memes!

This may seem like a slight curveball, but memes are an unbelievably brilliant way of engaging a younger audience. You can see top brands such as ASOS, Netflix, Fenty Beauty and Disney, to name but a few, tapping into the zeitgeist and using memes as tools to promote themselves on a daily basis, creating hilarious content that’s shared over and over again like a virus with the content leading the way, but the brand benefiting in its wake from all of the free publicity. The beauty of memes is there’s one out there for everyone and not everyone will find every meme funny. Search for memes that can tie into your business or service, or perhaps memes that are about something topical to get your brand or business in on the conversation. And if you have no idea what a meme is and can’t get your head around the whole thing, ask someone who does!

There are so many options out there aside from plain old images where you can use multimedia to help your business make a bang in the digital world. But if you feel like you’d like a bit of expert guidance along the way, contact Koncept today! Our small team of experienced designers and marketers are always on hand to help you achieve your business goals and pass on our skills and years of experience, all in the name of helping your business thrive! Visit our contact page to see how you can get in touch.

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