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How To Grow Your Brand With Social Media Competitions

It’s always exciting when your favourite brand or business is running a competition on social media. For a couple of clicks and a comment, you can be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize! It’s no surprise then that competitions can prove to be invaluable marketing tools for your business on social media. Creating a buzz with an unforgettable prize can have followers flocking to your door in exchange for minimal spend. It’s a win-win! We’ve compiled some tips on how to grow your brand with social media competitions. Let us know if you have had any success with them!

Why are competitions good for brand growth?


Competitions are a great way to engage your audience on social media. They offer a brand or a business the chance to create a real buzz. Fantastic competition prizes can lead to an enormous increase in social media following as everyone clamours for the chance to win. According to Single Grain, it all centres around the rule of reciprocation, namely giving something of value to your social media followers will result in them engaging with your brand and connecting new people to it. It can lead to an increase in likes and shares of your posts which will fuel improved brand reputation and follower numbers.

As with any successful marketing campaign, running a competition takes planning and preparation. There are a vast number of different competition formats, all of which will achieve different results. As we are focusing on brand growth, the kind of competitions we will be exploring are those that actively work on increasing brand awareness, brand loyalty and social following.

Competitions that involve users commenting on posts, or perhaps voting in a poll or filling in a survey, are a fantastic way of gathering customer data and encouraging engagement with social media posts, however, their reach can be very limited. It is crucially important to select the correct competition format to achieve your goals.


User-generated content campaigns


User-generated content campaigns involve inviting your followers to enter a competition by way of submission of content, be that a photograph or video, for example, that makes a feature of your brand or product. A fantastic recent example of this comes from Tourism Queensland. In 2009 they launched their ‘Best Job In The World’ competition, which saw entrants competing for the prize of a six-month caretaker job at a top tourist destination with a six-figure salary. An outstanding prize by anyone’s estimation, this competition attracted over 34,000 entrants from over 200 countries. The original aim of the competition was to increase awareness of and attract tourists to the Queensland islands as a top holiday destination.

User-generated content campaigns can also be ideal opportunities to generate content for use in future marketing campaigns. Starbucks’ Red Cup Art Campaign challenged fans to decorate their seasonal red Starbucks cup and share a photo for entry into a prize draw to win a gift card for a year’s worth of free coffee. Out of this campaign, Starbucks generated millions of photographs of their product free of charge that could be shared on their social media platforms as a way of promoting their festive drinks offering. The campaign was also crafted perfectly for their target audience; Millennials and Gen X are, according to Eazi Apps, craving opportunities to creatively display their individualism, and the visual and creative aspects to this competition capitalised on this perfectly.

Creating a buzz with giveaways


A very simple method of growing your brand’s following and reach is to host a social media giveaway. A giveaway is as simple as it sounds – offer to gift a product or service in exchange for the follower liking, sharing or tagging a friend in the post, or a combination of all three. Giveaways can be a difficult one to get right – you need to ensure the value of what you are giving away is of a similar value to that you will generate via the competition. You also want to maximise the reach of the competition, but asking entrants to do too much to be eligible and you will turn people off entering.

Offering a popular product or service and then asking followers to tag friends they might want to use the product or service with and why can be a fun way to get followers to engage with the brand. You could even take the opportunity to compile some of the best entries as a marketing tool.


Measuring results


If you are going to take the time to plan and fund a competition, it’s crucially important that you measure the results. Measure your success against your goals. If you wanted to increase social media following, did this meet expectations? What could you change next time in order that the campaign performs better?

If you would like some advice on how to broaden the reach of your brand or business on social media, contact Koncept today.


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