Nowadays, it seems that even the local fish and chip shop is publishing a regular blog on their website. Businesses of all sizes have started to take advantage of content marketing, in the form of blogging, like never before, using it as a key tool in their marketing arsenal in order to achieve their goals. But why? Blogging has exploded since the advent of social media, allowing anyone with access to the internet the chance to share their opinions and point of view with the world. It was only a matter of time before bloggers who were regularly posting well curated, regular, interesting and relevant content grew enormous, loyal and sometimes rabid fan bases which were, in the eyes of marketers, captive audiences. These audiences were heavily invested in what this blogger liked, wanted and bought, giving them enormous influence. From here, two things happened. Firstly, the industry of influencer marketing was born – we’ve covered this in a previous blog, make sure to check it out here if you’re unsure. The second thing that happened was perhaps more surprising – brands and businesses themselves started blogging. If an individual can create a community around themselves by publishing great content that is relevant to their audience, why couldn’t a brand or a business do that as a way to grow their online following and eventually their business as a whole? Here at Koncept, we know how valuable content marketing can be towards helping to grow a business Below, we’ve covered some key points to consider if you’d like to start a blog to help grow your business’ online following. For a more comprehensive and detailed proposal on how we could help you implement a content marketing plan into your business, contact us today.

Why put time and money into content marketing or blogging?

If you yourself aren’t a marketer, and you wouldn’t have the slightest idea about how to write a blog, it would be understandable that you’d ask – why put time and money into this, especially when the ROI isn’t instant or obvious? You might think that content marketing or blogging is only suitable for certain kinds of businesses. But the truth is that as a business with customers, it’s highly likely you or your staff have insights into your service or offerings that your customer base might find interesting. Writing a blog does a number of great things – it can increase the amount of time people spend on your website. It can help your website rank higher in search engine results, enabling more potential customers to find your website. But what it really means is starting to create a community around your business and brand. Giving back to them by providing them with content that they will find interesting and helpful. It will help to solidify you or your business in your customers’ heads as an authority and solidify brand loyalty. As a long term marketing solution, it is a fantastic way to grow your own enormous, loyal and hopefully not rabid fan base.

Blogging to create a community around your brand

Writing regular blogs and promoting them on social media using the relevant hashtags will go a huge way towards creating a sense of community around your brand. This can be so valuable in ways that may not seem obvious. Having a presence on social media makes it more likely that new customers will find your business and navigate to your website, but it is also a fantastic way to keep in touch with existing customers, engage with them on a daily basis and make your customers feel like part of the family. With so much competition both online and on the high street, anyway that you can make your customers feel more valued, feel part of something when they buy from you, is extremely powerful. Let’s be honest, all else equal, when you’re in the market for something new, are you going to buy from the big high street chain or the business that took the time to respond to your comment on their Instagram?

Gaining customers through content

Content can be a fantastic way to promote products or services, and thereby increase business. Creating a blog alongside brand new product range, a sale or a special service on offer, and then promoting it on social media, could expose your business or brand to new customers that may not have found you had you not made the effort to increase your online presence. An important point to note, however, is that blogging is not advertising – your blogs should always seek to add value to your customer’s experience with your business or brand. Trying to constantly sell to your audience through blogs will lead to readership falling – it is a fruitless endeavour. The key thing to remember is to use your knowledge and expertise to try and help your audience. With that, you can’t go too far wrong!

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