In recent years, businesses have become more and more savvy in how they utilise social media to help promote their business, boost brand awareness and increase growth. Typically sites such as Facebook and Instagram have dominated most company’s social marketing agenda. Instagram’s meteoric rise to success is down to its image centric design model which drives incredibly high engagement levels. It’s unsurprising then that Pinterest, another image centric social network that allows users to ‘pin’ and curate content they like to user created ‘boards’, is being used as a serious social marketing tool by more and more businesses in 2019. And this looks set to continue rising – according to statistics published by Pinterest, worldwide the site has 250 million users a month, with 80% of new sign-ups being outside of the US, and 50% of new signups in 2018 coming from men. What does this all indicate? Pinterest provides businesses with the opportunity to tap into a social network that has a huge but diverse audience of women and men, young and old from all around the world. This audience is only set to grow and diversify further as the growth of Pinterest accelerates. If you’re new to the idea of Pinterest or social media marketing altogether, do not fear – we’ve compiled a guide on the first steps to take towards using Pinterest to promote your business. Like all marketing efforts, it can take time to build a following and to get the most out of what you are doing, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the rewards!

Create A Page And Share Your Products

The most obvious first step is to get yourself signed up and on Pinterest in the first place! Create a page and post high quality images of your products. The beauty of Pinterest is the fact that you can get creative in how you organise your content. By creating different boards and organising your products, you can target potential customers who may be interested in or looking for something specific. You could create boards around special occasions when people might be looking for gifts, for example Christmas or Mother’s Day, or you can group your products based on who might buy them, for example Kids products or Teen products. Organising your content makes it easier for people to find it and pin it, and the more people pinning your content, the bigger audience your products will be exposed to, and therefore the more chance you have of securing new customers. Posting content with backlinks back to your website is also great for SEO, and ensures that anyone who takes a fancy to any of your offerings can instantly be taken to where they can purchase it. Pinterest offers the facility to add a price tag to content that can be purchased, and the added bonus to this is that it will be included on the Pinterest gifts page, an online catalogue compiled by Pinterest of gift ideas. Top tips to maximise the effectiveness of your content on Pinterest – use high quality, professional images, make sure you include well written, persuasive descriptions and keep your content regular and up to date.

No Products? No Problem! Promote Your Services

Not every business owner will have products to promote and sell through Pinterest. But, as the site is so heavily visual, it can be used as a tool to promote a wide variety of services that might not be able to be purchased through e-commerce. A makeup artist, for example, could use Pinterest to promote their services by regularly posting content demonstrating their most recent designs or work, with links back to their website where people will find the best ways to contact and book them. A designer or artist could promote their services by creating content that demonstrates their skill to help grow their brand and following. Using tags and ensuring all content is as discoverable as possible is a fantastic way of helping businesses that offer services to increase awareness and bring in new leads. Pinterest is also a great way to help establish a brand identity. Posting content that is curated to deliver a certain message might help consumers understand your business more, and it may draw new customers in who appreciate your values and business goals.

Pinterest is on a growth trajectory almost unmatched by any other social media site. By creating a presence on Pinterest, you’re taking the extra step to ensure you’ve crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s in your social media marketing strategy. If you’re itching to take advantage of all that social media marketing has to offer, but don’t know where to start, contact Koncept today for a chat about how we can help you conquer the social media world.

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