In 2019 it can be difficult to know exactly where, when and how to promote your business. The world of social media has upended the traditional paradigm of print and media advertisement, and Reddit, billing itself as ‘the front page of the internet’, is at the forefront of this. In this ultra-competitive, atomised new marketplace, advertising your business can be a dizzying experience. There are thousands of places to advertise, each with their own specific conventions, rules and practices to run afoul of, and navigating all of this can be a challenge. In this blog, we’ve collated a few top tips on how best to get yourself out there on Reddit!

Research is Key

Reddit is a vast landscape of varying topics and interests. The site is divided into ‘subreddits’, user-created areas of interest around certain topics, concepts, people, locations and much more. There are around 130,000 active subreddits, so you’re likely to find one that’s either related to the business you want to promote or is visited by a key demographic that you want to target. For example, if you’re a company wanting to advertise adults-only holidays and resorts, the ‘r/childfree’ subreddit is a gathering place for your key demographic: childless adults with disposable income, who might want to become your customers! Similarly, if your business is in the legal sector, there are law-related subreddits like ‘r/LegalAdvice’ where you might be able to offer your services. The most important first step to advertising on Reddit is detailed research. Each subreddit has its own culture and specific set of rules and conventions, and your success in advertising in these spaces is dependant on understanding and respecting those rules and conventions. If the subreddit rejects any kind of self or business promotion, then you’re probably out of luck, but if you find a subreddit that’s open to it, then you’ve found a good place to start!

Honesty is the Best Policy

Reddit users are generally suspicious of being advertised to without their knowledge. While it might at first seem like a great idea to disguise your advertisement as a more organic, spur-of-the-moment post akin to the normal behaviour of any other user, Reddit users tend to be highly shrewd, and they can easily sniff out an advert disguised as a genuine post, no matter how well-written it might be! On Reddit, honesty tends to be the best policy. If you’re a business owner and you have a product to sell or a service to offer, it will serve you much better to be upfront and honest about your intentions. Comment threads on Reddit often take the form of extended conversations between users, and it can be awkward to attempt to intercede with an elevator pitch or a series of canned one-liners about the benefits of patronising your business. Instead, Reddit can be a great place to discover groups of people who might have a genuine need for your product and service. And the best part? You can speak to these people directly. For many, advertising can seem shallow and difficult to engage with, so the best kind of advertisement can often be as simple as people hearing directly from you about why you think your product or service is worthy of their attention.

What’s Your Story?

When it comes to getting the big numbers on Reddit, the dream is to reach the front page. Reddit’s front page is the first thing any user sees when they log onto the site. For many, their Reddit front pages are specifically tailored to the subreddits they subscribe to. However, there is also significant crossover in how many ‘default’ subreddits people see content from on their front page, as they are subscribed to this set of subreddits automatically upon joining the site. Furthermore, it is a common practice for many on Reddit to browse the ‘r/all’ page, which curates a front page of all of the most popular posts from every active subreddit on the site. Therefore, if you hit the big time on Reddit, the chances are that thousands upon thousands of users will see your post! One of the keys to achieving this kind of traffic is to have a story to tell. Reddit is a lively, packed platform, and users are exposed to a veritable truckload of content daily. What makes your business different? What makes you stand out from the crowd? These are things to need to know and be able to exploit to make it big on Reddit. Users are looking for content that stands out from the background noise. Originality is essential. Showing users the content they’ve seen a thousand times before will get you nowhere. 

The ‘r/AMA’ Subreddit

‘r/AMA’, known commonly as the ‘Ask Me Anything’ subreddit deserves special attention here. People are naturally curious, and Reddit users are no exception! One of the main reasons people browse the internet is to learn something they never knew before. The ‘Ask Me Anything’ subreddit can be an incredibly powerful tool for those with deep knowledge in specific subject areas to field questions from Reddit users that you can give them answers to. For example, does your company manufacture products that people are interested in? It’s more than likely that you’ll be able to find an audience of people who are genuinely interested in how you manufacture your products and bring them to market. You can answer these peoples’ queries, whilst promoting your business the whole time!

Any business can seem like a little fish, lost in the big pond that is Reddit. It takes strong research and persistence, but you can succeed there! Nevertheless, if you feel like you need that little bit extra when it comes to expert guidance, it’s never a bad idea to contact Koncept! Our team of experienced designers and marketers are here to help you achieve your business goals! Visit our contact page to see how you can get in touch.

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