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The Best Places To Buy Houseplants In Norwich

Houseplants have become something of a craze recently. Having suffered through a long, bleak winter and with life becoming ever more stressful, bringing a bit of greenery into the house can have an incredibly soothing effect. With plants, there’s something for everyone. If you like them more low maintenance you can go for a robust cactus. For ultimate decorative appeal, a beautiful hanging plant will look stunning cascading down from a high surface. With such high demand, it’s no wonder that a number of small, independent businesses have popped up around Norwich to satisfy our growing appetite for house plants. Buying from an independent business owner means you’re not only supporting a local business person, you can often pick up excellent tidbits of knowledge and care advice from these knowledgeable and passionate people. Not only that, the plants you can buy are often in much better condition due to the care and attention afforded to them by the business owners. So if you’ve had a hankering to brighten up the dull spots in your home with a plant or two, be sure to pay a visit to the shops below to check out their selection and find the perfect plant for you!

Elm – 5-7 Lower Goat Lane

Elm is an independent lifestyle and homeware store located in the Norwich Lanes. Established in 2017, Elm has steadily gained an excellent reputation for its broad range of products. They stock greetings cards, homeware and ceramics, most of which are handmade by brilliantly creative owner Paige Mitchell. Most importantly, they also stock a huge range of house plants and, with talented Paige at the helm, you can also pick up a pot so your new plant baby doesn’t have to stay naked for too long! With extremely reasonable prices and an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere, this little hidden gem is definitely one to visit next time you’re wandering around the city.

Leslie Terrance Home, Gift & Garden – 10a Sprowston Road

Boasting the largest independent selection of houseplants in Norwich, Kerri is the woman to go and see if you’re a plant novice. Kerri was taught about houseplants and gardening from a young age and has since turned this passion into a thriving business. It’s all thanks to her grandfather who planted the seed for this fantastic Norwich business. As well as selling her huge selection of plants, lifestyle products and homeware, Kerri regularly runs classes and workshops that include learning how to build your very own terrarium. If you’d love to turn your home into an indoor jungle but are terrified that all your plants will die within a week, visit Kerri on Sprowston road for a cuppa, a conversation and, hopefully, the birth of another houseplant obsession!

Cary’s Flowers – Norwich Market, Stalls 168, 186 and 187

Founded nearly 100 years ago, Cary’s Flowers are a Norwich staple and the go to for many residents for all their floral needs. But did you know they also sell a selection of houseplants? A visit to Cary’s Flowers will mean you benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of owner Stephen Cary. From cacti and succulents to monstera cheese plants, the selection is not to be missed, nor should an opportunity to support the outstanding Norwich covered market, recently voted the best in Britain!

The Plant Den – Jarrold Basement, 1-11 London Street

Where most would just see a corridor, Michelle Clingan and Roscoe Gibson-Denney saw an opportunity. In a tiny space tucked in a corner under the stairwell in Jarrold basement sits The Plant Den, a business created by plant lovers, for plant lovers. Despite being spatially challenged, The Plant Den boasts an incredibly varied range of houseplants and, with regular deliveries throughout the week, the selection is always changing. The Plant Den offers customers the chance to purchase some extremely rare and interesting plants. Recent offerings include a string of hearts hanging plant that hung from the ceiling and almost brushed the floor, air and water plants and beautifully decorated glass terrariums. If you want something different and unique, look no further than The Plant Den, and pop in to pick the brains of the incredibly passionate and knowledgeable owners.

Bo-tanical – Norwich Market, Stalls 14 & 15

Another Norwich Market gem, Bo-tanical sells a wide range of house and tropical plants as well as plenty of ceramic pots to display them in. Owner Joe is passionate about plants and it shows – he regularly changes up his stock and makes sure to keep a selection of weird and wonderful products for his loyal customer base, recent examples including marimo moss ball terrariums and wacky geometric hanging plant shelves. Small but perfectly formed, this quirky stall is the perfect destination if you’re out wandering the city. Be sure to stop by!

Urban Jungle – Ringland Lane, Old Costessey

Urban Jungle has the ultimate wow factor. Not only does it have a stunningly wide-ranging collection of plants, houseplants, pots and gifts, stepping into this place is truly like stepping into another world. If you were told someone had transported you to an actual jungle, you might just believe them for a second. Not only that, the business runs a huge number of events, including macrame workshops, terrarium workshops and talks on all things plants, as well as having an onsite cafe, enabling you to dine amongst the flora. Friendly staff are always on hand to provide help and advice, making this the perfect destination for amateurs and plant aficionados alike. For an unforgettable shopping experience make sure you pay them a visit!

Nottcuts – Daniels Road

Nottcuts are a well-loved, national garden centre chain with a fantastic product range and competitive prices. If you have green fingers, in general, you’ll find everything you could ever need here – house plants and pots, of course, all the way to garden equipment, garden furniture and even a summer house if you’re partial! With a fantastic on-site restaurant perfect for families and an expert team of friendly staff, you’re sure to find everything you need for a green-thumbed weekend!

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