It has never been tougher to establish a well-known brand. Markets are saturated with hundreds, thousands, if not millions of businesses competing for a share. Marketers are struggling on a daily basis to remain innovative and to come up with the next big campaign that will stick in the minds of consumers for years to come. It may be helpful, therefore, to look to those that have got it right, I mean really right, for some inspiration. A great marketing campaign alone is not enough to become a market leader, but you won’t get there if nobody knows who you are. A great marketing campaign can cement your brand in the minds of people as the go-to for your product or service. When your brand is synonymous with what you do or what you sell your business is almost future-proofed. Below we have summarised two brands that demonstrate this achievement in different ways and on varying scales. But it cannot be denied that their marketing has resulted in becoming a market leader, from which all marketers can learn a thing or two.



When You Literally Invent Christmas

There has never been a brand so successfully marketed as Coca-Cola. From the very beginning, the brand sought to distinguish itself as the original bottled cola drink. In 1915, concerned about competition from copycat brands, Coca-Cola introduced and patented the famous contour bottle, ensuring that you would never be fooled by an inferior imitation. The contour shape is still in production today and is just one small example of the ways that Coca-Cola have positioned themselves to be synonymous with cola, despite the existence of their competitors.

But this, for us, is not the most amazing marketing feat pulled off by Coca-Cola. The brand argues that they helped to create the modern image of Santa Claus. Don’t believe me? Well, according to the story on their website, Coca-Cola first used Santa as part of their marketing in the 1920s, displaying him as strict, in the style of Thomas Nast.

In the 1930s, it was decided to create advertising with the image of Santa himself, not just someone dressed as Santa. This came off the back of a successful advert used to advertise a soda fountain that sold coke which featured a man dressed up as Santa drinking a coke. The idea was to create a wholesome image of Santa himself and associate him with the brand as a sort of holiday ambassador. Santa drinks coke, so why wouldn’t you? The resulting image of a warm, plump, pleasant Santa has filtered into popular culture becoming synonymous with our idea of Saint Nick. Furthermore, Coca-Cola has sought to further associate itself with Christmas with its Coca-Cola Christmas truck advertisement and national tour. This mastery was a century in the making, however, for many, it’s not Christmas until they’ve seen the famous advert and heard ‘holidays are coming’ for the first time.



Guerilla Marketing Tactics

New York-based company SquareSpace provides a software service for website building and hosting. For those who do not have development skills, or cannot pay a developer to create a bespoke website, SquareSpace offers a solution, providing the platform to create a functional website customised to your brand and needs. They are currently the second biggest website building platform in the world commanding a market share of 17.15%.

Over the past five years, SquareSpace has implemented a marketing strategy similar to that of guerrilla marketing. Targeting influencers, especially those with audiences more likely to skew towards entrepreneurs or small business owners such as tech podcasters and other niche markets, SquareSpace were able to grow their brand quickly by specifically targeting those most likely to purchase their product. The influencers they targeted were trusted within their communities, and by extension, their brand became a trusted service used by business owners worldwide.

An example of the power of influencer marketing, SquareSpace demonstrated that if you do your research and put into place a long-term plan you can quickly and successfully grow a trusted brand with a loyal customer base.


Easy Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

If you aren’t having as much success with your marketing efforts as you’d like, there are several simple things you can do to promote your business in its best light.

  • Keep your marketing consistent over all platforms – using the same logo and colour scheme in any situation where someone may come across your brand will consistently build brand recognition and trust.
  • If your logo and existing marketing are outdated, consider a rebrand. Rebranding can inject new life into your business and bring new customers and awareness to your brand or business.
  • Engage with customers in any way you can – introduce a loyalty scheme, competitions, commenting and liking on social media – all will make your business or brand appear more approachable and will provide further reach.

Whether you want your brand to take over the world or you want some further tips on how to make your marketing work better for your business, Koncept can help! Contact us today for further information.

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